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HUMAN RIGHT WRITERS ASSOCIATION (HURIWA) is delighted with swiftness, the promptness, the decisiveness of president Muhammadu Buhari in forwarding the appropriate communication to the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on his considered reappointment of Professor Mamood Yakubu as the Chairman of INEC for the second and final tenure.

This is exactly how governance should be-: well thought out, articulate and decisive.

This particular example is commendable and we expect the President His Excellency Muhammadu Buhari to extend the same kind of swiftness on all other affairs of the state to save Nigeria from impending economic collapse.

We think that the senate will have to critically access the request and do the needful.

Secondly we condemn all political attacks that are targeted towards the electoral institution which is INEC.

We deplore and condemn very strongly the internecine war within the ruling APC to hijack INEC for a surreptitious and never the less destructive anti- Nigeria projects in 2023.

We know that Certain persons in APC are said to be plotting to take over the structure of INEC so as to manipulate their way into certain political offices in 2023 for selfish agenda of self perpetuation in offices at the detriment of civil rule and constitutional democracy.

Like most Nigerian patriots concerned about political stability of Nigeria going forward, HURIWA is warning the political desperados in APC to stop and arrest their active evil plots to hijack INEC, otherwise the surreptitious plots will destroy Nigeria in 2023.

INEC can not be seen to be controlled by any political forces of retrogression and negative politics of regionalism and religious affiliations because of how sensitive 2023 will be.

The year 2023 election is the last election that will ever be manipulated in Nigeria because that will be a doom for Nigeria.

So INEC right now is sitting precariously on the keg of the gun powder with their hands literally holding the trigger of a political time bomb and so let nobody compromise, manipulate undermine, sabotage, control, hijack, midwife INEC for their selfish political ambitions.

So we call on Nigerians to support the re-appointed INEC Chairman but with a challenge for him to live above board like Ceaser’s wife.

He Professor Yakubu Mahmood should not be the political undertaker of Nigeria because 2023 election is the most critical election in the world because that is when the largest black Nation in the world will either get it right by allowing free and fair elections or the country will be destroyed. Let those who have ears, hear.

Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko; NATIONAL COORDINATOR



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