Woman suffers horrific injuries after being beaten for Four hours on her first dinner date with a man she met online.

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A woman was violently beaten for four hours on her first dinner date with a man she met online, Brazilian police claim.

Elaine Caparroz, 57, was allegedly subjected to the sustained attack by Vinicius Serra, 27, in her apartment in Rio de Janeiro.

The victim suffered multiple fractures to her face, including a broken nose, severe damage to the orbital bones around her eyes, lost teeth and injuries inside her mouth that needed over 40 stitches.

The businesswoman was punched, kicked and bitten on her arms and legs as she tried to protect herself and escape her aggressor.

Harrowing footage of the aftermath of the assault, which started around 1am on Saturday 16 and lasted until 5:30am, shows the flat in complete disarray with damaged furniture and blood smeared walls and floor, indicating that the victim was dragged around the flat during the attack.

Neighbours intervened when they heard her desperate screams for help and alerted the building’s security guards.

The agents broke into the flat but the suspect tried to flee the scene. However, all the exits had already been locked by the guards who managed to overpower and detain the assailant until police arrived.

When guards entered the apartment, they found the seriously injured victim lying on the floor with blood splattered throughout the rooms.

Ms Caparroz, who owns a landscaping business, revealed she invited Serra, a law student, for dinner last Friday. It was the first time they had met after eight months of chatting on social media.

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