Woman gives up baby for adoption as a teen – after 35 years, fate reconnects them

Every day, teen parents make the impossible choice of giving up their child for adoption with the hope of a better life for the baby. Many of them, never get the chance to meet, but every so often, fate interjects to bring parents and children together. That was the case with this woman and her child that she longed to meet. 35 years after she gave her baby up as a teen, they were brought together thanks to a new law and social media.

Approximately 135,000 children are given up for adoption each year, this is a story of how one man found his mother after decades of searching!

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Steven Strawn is a 38-year-old military veteran who was adopted as a baby. 35-years later, he found his biological mother on Facebook

It started back in 1982, when 15-year-old, Stacey Faix, faced an impossible decision that broke her young heart. As a teenager with little to no support, she decided to put her son up for adoption in order for him to have a better life.

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Stacey never forgot about the beautiful little boy she put up for adoption in 1982, but she didn’t think it was likely that she would ever meet her son. That’s when a new law that was put into place, made meeting him a real possibility.

A new law and a sons search for his mother

Steven, now a 35-year old man, always yearned to meet his biological mother but knew there was a slim chance of that happening. After his birth records were destroyed in a flood, he thought there was virtually no chance of finding his mom. That’s when a new law in Pennsylvania gave adult adoptees the rights to their original birth certificates.


Just like that, Steven now had his mother’s name, age, and the place she gave birth to him. With this new information, he set out to find his mother turning to Facebook for answers.

Facebook reunites Steven with his birth mother

After years of wondering, Steven had his first real shot of finding his biological mom. He now knew that her name was Stacey Faix and that she lived in Ohio so he turned to Facebook to search for her. He entered the information he had into the social media platform, eliminating other Stacey Faix’s until he only had one left.


Steven then sent a message to the woman he believed gave birth to him all those years ago, the message read:

“Hey, I have a really weird question. Did you put a baby boy up for adoption in 1982?” Stacey quickly replied: “Yes.” So Steven replied back: “I think you may be my biological mom.”

Stacey and Steven realized they even belonged to the same veteran support group and were set to run the same marathon so they set a meeting

With the help of the RWB, Steven set up a surprise for the reunion at the marathon they were both set to run in. Not knowing how she would take it, he nervously waited to surprise her.

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The big moment

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When it came time, Steven snuck up behind Stacey and tapped her on the shoulder. The second she laid eyes on him she burst into tears, the two embraced for the first time with an instant connection.

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Not only did Steven finally find his mother, but he also got to meet his sisters’ for the first time who were both also crying at the sight of their long lost brother.

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The long lost family is finally reunited, Stacey, Steven, and his sisters can now begin to build the bond they missed out on for all those years! What an incredible story. To see the tear-jerking reunion in full detail, watch the video below.



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