With PVT Technology, No one can rig Atiku out of his victory – Osita

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Osita Chidoka, one of the Spokespersons for Atiku Abubakar, releases a statement:

“The efforts by some Northern Governors and a few Southern Governors to change results will come to nought.

We have collated total number of accredited voters by PU, Wards, LGA and States.

Any results outside of these numbers will not stand @inecnigeria take note…”

NOVIA’S NOTES: I made some calls and this is what I have been told:

‘Reports reached the PDP Situation Room that some APC Governors in the North have been forcing INEC to change the results in favour of Buhari in Northern states where Atiku shocked them by racking up huge numbers. The Situation Room also has reports that some Southern Governors in the South West and one or two in the South East are also trying to influence INEC to change the results in some of their states so as to give Buhari more more numbers and in the case of the South East, give him the constitutional 25% in at least two South East states.

All their tricks are known, documented and some of  their instructions to the INEC officials who are likely to compromise, are on video and documented, according to the PDP.

The PDP has all the results as openly collated in the 176,000 polling units across the country and its PVT Technology has already been activated with the authentic numbers.

No one can rig Atiku out of his victory.’

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