Wife Kills Husband Over Christmas Food in Lagos

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Christmas celebrations turned bloody at London barber street, Majidun Awori area of Ikorodu, Lagos Estate when a woman identified as Christiana Ado stabbed her husband to death. The couple had just moved to the area when the unfortunate incident happened.

According to the reports, Christiana and her husband had an argument earlier that day over his inability to provide money for the Christmas Celebration.

Christiana was a full housewife meaning she has no job that can generate money perhaps because they were still new in that area. It was not stated whether it’s her choice to stay as a housewife or her husband’s choice. Little was known about them since they were new in that area.

An eyewitness said that they suddenly heard the man’s scream and when they rushed to see what was wrong they saw that he had been stabbed by his wife. The landlord immediately notified the police and they took up the case.

During the police interrogation, Christiana confessed that she intentionally killed her husband. She said she got uncontrollably angry because he didn’t give her money to prepare a special meal for Christmas like what every man do and they have three kids in the house.

Confirming the incident, the police reported that the woman asked her husband for money for food but the man turned her down by saying he didn’t have any money. This led to an argument and the man hit her. They fought and the woman in anger went to the kitchen and took a knife with which she stabbed him to death.

What attracted the neighbours was the man’s scream for help as he was drenched in blood but the woman said it was not intentional. Christiana was charged to court and her case will be heard later.

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