Why I collected N370k settlement from my daughter’s HIV+ rapist – Dad

According to reports, a father collected three hundred seventy thousand naira (N370,000) from his daughter’s HIV + rapist.

In an interview, the father reveals why he collected the money as liquidation of his daughter’s HIV + rapist.

The rapist, Mr. Sheddrack gave the father the money he requested because he didn’t want to take the matter to court. He said that the rapist’s family came to beg him that it was a temptation and an accident and that the rapist’s health was not very good, so he decided to forgive them.

He also clarified that no one induced him to take the money, he did it on his own initiative, also because his type of work will prevent him from having time to appear in court.

The daughter who was raped, Gift also stated that she knew her father collected the money and agreed with the agreement.

He verified that he had received three hundred seventy thousand as a liquidation that was paid into his account. He revealed that he had taken the decision against his lawyer’s opinion.

Harrison Gwamnishu took his page on social media to shed light on the girl’s story, sharing photos of the alleged rapist.

He wrote;



This is 75-year old CHIEF SHEDRACK EJINWA who raped a 14-year old girl in WARD 3,KENDOX MEDICAL SERVICES,PORT-HARCOURT.

He was arrested by Harrison Gwamnishu,Mandela Washington Fellow and Human Rights Activist in collaboration with officers from Elelewon Divisional Police Station,Rivers State.

After the victim was raped, a file was opened for her in the hospital and was placed on medication. The wife of the Medical Director, Kendox Medical Services warned the victim to keep what transpired in the hospital to herself and never to disclose it to anyone.

Harrison received the information from a Facebook follower and quickly left Asaba for Portharcourt, carried out thorough investigation and reported the case to the Divisional Police Station, Elelewon.

Suspect was arrested, medical director’s wife was also arrested for compounding felony and case transferred to SCID.

Harrison handed the case over to a lawyer who happens to be part of his NGO,Rivers State Representative and got back to Delta State to handle other pending issues.

The lawyer teamed up with suspect’s family and sweet talked the victim’s father to accept money and forget about the case.

Attached herein is the settlement agreement prepared and duly signed by the lawyer who ought to defend the victim, the suspect’s signature and other witnesses. They collected N370,000 and other undisclosed amount and set the perpetrator free.What a world we live in…

The14-year old victim who cried on the phone said she was “forced to agree for settlement”.

Please,a dangerous paedophile is on the loose, tweet, share and repost this so that the authorities can take appropriate action.

Harrison can be contacted via 09068773333 harrison4rights@gmail.com

Mabel Blossom
Concerned Nigerian

See picture of the accused and the agreement signed on the victim’s behalf.

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