Why Bola Tinubu Cannot Rule Nigeria ― Bode George

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Chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Olabode George, has said that the national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and presidential hopeful, Bola Tinubu, was not qualified to be Nigeria’s president owing to his “moral deficit.”

George urged Nigerians to boldly interrogate the moral credentials of any candidate that would be seeking the office of the Nigerian president in 2023.

“We are entering the time of decision and I want to tell Nigerians to take a very deep breath and look at everybody who is coming out. Anybody who has filth in his closet, be bold enough, to tell the truth to power. If you do not do it, then do not complain,” the PDP chieftain said.

George said this on the Arise show on Monday, where he maintained that any presidential candidate in the 2023 election must not be morally deficit, especially, as a president, acts as a role model to society and reinforces morals and values.

He pointed out that Tinubu would need to be forthright on his state of origin and defend his academic qualifications and emphasized that these truths are known by Tinubu’s close friend and associate, Chief Bisi Akande.

George said Akande who is a former Governor of Osun State, should speak the truth to Tinubu.

His words: “Chief, Akande knows for sure that Bola Ahmed Tinubu is from Iragbiji in Osun State. Chief Akande is from Ila in Osun State. Did he mention all that?

“What is wrong, even if you are from the hole? Tell Nigerians, that, this is my home town, where I was born!

“You see Lagos has this unique culture in this country. We don’t send people away, you know, from time immemorial because Lagos is a commercial centre for the whole of West Africa.

“So anybody who comes, if you want some land, we sell you the land. If you have something to sell, we look at it. We buy, we don’t discriminate here.

“There’s nothing wrong in saying, I am proud of my heritage. This is where I am from now.

“Now you lied about where you were born. You lied about your name, you lied about all educational qualifications that you claim you have and you are telling us: We should trust you to be the president of this country. Come on, No sir!

“Whatever it takes we will go out and tell the people the truth. What I expect is somebody who is 80, even if you are over 70, you should be bold enough, to tell the truth to power.

“These details are not just coming from my head. I was vice-chairman South-West where there are 137 local governments. I visited them at least five times. I went all over the local governments in the South-West. I knew everybody and you know, who is where what is what. So, what are you lying for?

“And then, we should now trust you to manage the resources of this country for the benefit of Nigerians. Look at what he left behind in Lagos. Who is the Iyaloja of Lagos?

“Who is the only fellow controlling the signage in the whole of Lagos State? Who is this senator, representing Lagos Central? Now, you will be president. Your wife will be Senate President. Your son will be governor. Your daughter will be your Iyaloja of Lagos State. Come on. Come on. You better change Nigeria’s name to Tinubu.

“He is now gravitating to a higher level, the whole nation, you know, I thought it was a joke until I listened to what he was saying. No, sir. God has so blessed this country. We have pools of people who would tell truth to power.

“If you cannot tell truth how can we trust you that you will manage our resources for our betterment?

“We can see the legacy you left in Lagos, you have become an oracle. Nobody can talk to you. You select who should be on the battlefield, you select who should not be there, who should eat, who should not eat.

“You all those our elders who surrounded him, lying with him. He is not from here. Be proud of your heritage. That is when we can trust you,” he stated.

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