We Warned South West That Tinubu Won’t Succeed Buhari

We told the South West that President Muhammadu Buhari won’t let Jagaban Bola Ahmed Tinubu succeed him. I saw this years ago with my strong analytical sense. And spiritual eyes. But my Yoruba people don’t listen. Now they have seen big signs and wonders.

Yes I am Yoruba in a general sense. I cut my law practice teeth in South West. I also did my pupilage in South West. I am of premier Lagos Branch and my humble self and Chief Ezeobi gave NBA Lagos branch the only landed property it owns in Lagos worth hundreds of million of Naira situated in Lekki nearly two decades ago.

Yes I am South West but South South by birth. I make non-ethnicized analysis. I told my Yoruba people Hon Justice Rhodes Vivour won’t be picked by Buhari as CJN, they didn’t listen. I knew Buhari was going to keep Muhammad as CJN no matter what anyone says. That also happened.

Now I have expo for those in NBA. Chief Olanipekun and Adesina are family, that is not news. Ajibade has committed a few NBA electoral blunders lately. That also is not news. I won’t tell you what these are.

You should know what the blunders are with some NBA history of activism and the NBA Constitution.

Someone may have tipped Ajibade to flag his campaign for the office of NBA President to deceive the South West into thinking that they will be the ones to produce the next President of NBA in 2020. Note that it’s the turn of the West. Mid West and South West are one in the N-E-W Tripod – North East and West. (NEW)

You recall Mr Akpata was rejected as crown Prince so why is he still in the race? Forget it Mr Usoro is not a conventional lawyer such as FRA Williams SAN or Dr Mudiagha Odje SAN, former Presidents.

Read Mr Usoro’s antecedents. Doesn’t rate the same as any former President none of whom was made to face criminal trial while in office.

Do not refer to Mrs Usoro who couldn’t draft a writ of summons or a mere motion.

Mr Usoro is the true NBA transactional lawyer. Although Ajibade isn’t in Usoros intellectual class Ajibade is a lot more distinguished. Mr Usoro barely has LL.B whereas Ajibade has a chain plus PhD.

I read Ajibade’s advocacy campaign on delays in the administration of Justice where he said the legal profession is in crisis.

However, Akpata or another candidate will be the one Usoros will manipulate the NBA election to emerge. Not Ajibade. Ajibade is too independent for people such as the Usoros with the Usoros challenges of self esteem, to back.

Usoros will prefer Akpata or another candidate more prepared to dobale for the Usoros. Ajibade won’t prostrate to anyone whoever they are.

It’s akin to telling Yemi Candide Johnson to prostrate to Usoro or anyone whoever they are. Perhaps his late iconic dad the CJ Lagos. Person of utmost integrity. I meant Candide Johnsons.

Ajibade is not a push over. Trust the Usoros to surreptitiously work against him but on the surface they might have told Ajibade oh they will support him to fool him and SW to allow the Usoros the needed peace then boom… Boomerang.

Distinguished colleagues the Bottom line; removal of Usoro from office stops Mr Usoro in his tracks.

If, if used advisedly, if he is convicted in his pending criminal trial by EFCC Usoro leaves, what if the conviction comes after May 2020?. Let not Ajibade being in the field fool you into believing the Usoros have ceded the NBA presidency to SW. These are people the Usoros who want a successor sure to cover some of their sins in NBA house. Ajibade won’t play that role.

Carol N. AJIE Esq.

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