Vigil Mass Reflection for 2020 by Rev. Fr. EVARISTUS EMETO

At Christ the King Parish World Bank Housing Estate Umuahia Abia State

1. Forgive those who wronged you…and also seek for forgiveness. 

2. Beware of time killers.. Some friends are not necessay for you.

3. Make a list of things you want to achieve this new year and follow them up step by step. 

4. Make prayer a way of life and not an option, the voice of prayer is never silent..A kneeler is a  winner.

5. Look before you leap, be calm before you act, don’t be too quick. 

6. Make charity a way of life, learn to help.

7. Take care of your health…it is the gate way to wealth.

8. Check the commodity you have in your houses, check the dates, for expirations for health sake and do not be careless with your life or that of another person; infections and diseases are real. 

9. The way you end and begin a new year will determine how the year will run for you.

10. You must not be rich by all means, be positive and make efforts.

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