Umahi The Bad Copycat

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By Izuu Chiadi

Less than 24 hours after the former Lagos State governor and acclaimed godfather of Southwest APC formally threw his hat into the 2023 presidential race by visiting President Muhammadu Buhari in Aso Rock, David Umahi, the notorious saboteur and backstabber who rose to the governorship of Ebonyi State on the back of serial acts of betrayals has copied the Lagos man by visiting President Muhammadu Buhari and coming out to announce to State House correspondents that he will be running for the presidency of Nigeria in 2023.

It would be against the core principles of equity and justice for Senator Bola Tinubu to continue on this his presidential voyage, but no matter how badly fated the Tinubu aspiration is, an Umahi, who has desperately sought to destroy everything that held the Igbo race together, is still a horrible copyist of the Bourdillon billionaire. Put side by side with Tinubu, Umahi is not only classless, but also clueless. If Ndigbo would wish to have any chance at Nigerian Presidency in 2023, then characters like Umahi should not only be hounded out of the way but quickly repudiated, because they represent an unwholesome distraction to a “dream whose time has come”.

Before Tinubu went to visit Buhari to inform him of his intention to vie for the presidency, he had set a formidable structure in place that it was obvious even before his visit to the President and the subsequent announcement to State House media crew that he was interested to vie for the highest office in the country. Tinubu has also tried, to the best of his ability to steer clear of local Yoruba sociocultural and Party politics that might taint his chances, even with the unrepentant attacks on him by both the leadership of Afenifere and some notable Yoruba political leaders including Bode George, his long-standing rival.

Aside his petty grandstanding in Abakaliki, Umahi’s only other activity is sponsoring division in Ala Igbo, inciting illegitimate groups and impostors to destabilize Ala Igbo. His stillborn ambition for the presidency of this country has neither taken off nor does it have the slightest chance of taking off. The Uburu man is already too much of an error as governor that the thought of aspiring to be President is seen as a big insult even to people closet to him.

As an Ebonyi man, my major worry is that he will most likely squander the resources of Ebonyians in this wild goose chase, but I shall do my best to ensure that every penny taken off the coffers of Ebonyi State and he shall account for every penny of it

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