Ugandan “dictator” arrests all members of Bobi Wine’s campaign team, impound cars

The President of Uganda, “Dictator” Yoweri Museveni has reportedly arrested all 23 members of the opposition campaign team and impounded their cars.

The presidential candidate of the opposition party, Bobi Wine disclosed this in a tweet on his Twitter handle on Thursday.

Bobi Wine, originally a musician, is a legislator representing Kyadondo East constituency in the 10th Ugandan Parliament.

Uganda "Dictator" President, Yoweri Museveni
Uganda “Dictator” President, Yoweri Museveni

He is 39 years old, born February 12, 1982, and his campaign slogan is “#WeAreRemovingADictator”.

In the post, Bobi Wine tweeted:

The God we serve never sleeps! Today they arrested all the 23 members of our new campaign team & impounded the cars. They thought they had broken our back. I literally went to Namayingo alone. But this is how we were received! The wave is unstoppable!

Earlier on January 6, while campaigning in Namisindwa, Wine called upon Ugandans to come out massively and vote on the 14th of January.

He also urged them to ensure that they guard their vote, since, according to him, “freedom is truly in sight”.

In other tweets, he recounted how his team was assisted by fellow countrymen with car gifts and other items in the race to remove Museveni.

He recalled: “We were gifted with a new pick up truck by Mr. Nyukuri Steven to assist us during the campaigns and we were also gifted with a bull which the RDC impounded and said that since it was brought from a different district, it was likely to spread COVID19 in Namisindwa.”

According to wine, besides imprisoning his entire campaign team, federal forces also blocked the new medical and security teams and impounded their media cars.

He said: “After imprisoning our entire campaign team, today they blocked the new medical & security teams and impounded the media cars.

“They said I must go to the campaign alone. But the people are saying something. Iganga earlier. This is a revolution.”

77 year-old Museveni, one of Africa’s oldest tyrants who has been in power since 1986, had said he will shutdown internet on Election Day in Uganda.

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