Tribute To Young Nigerian Doctor Killed by Terrorists in Kaduna

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She is Dr. Chinelo, a young Nigerian who had all the prospects and plans for a good life and was billed to jet out of the country on Friday. She was on the Abuja- Kaduna train yesterday that came under intense bombardment and heavy gun fire by terrorists of Fulani extraction. She succumbed to her injuries in the hospital. Please note that she is one of many victims of that terrorist attack. The villains took hostage many passengers and shot others at close range.

Those with bullets lodged in different parts of their bodies are now in different hospitals fighting for the lives. All that the government ever cares about is to rush into issuing a statement to the effect that the train was secured within minutes of the attack and no cause for alarm.

All that government cares about are face saving statements at the detriment of the victims and their surviving families. The videos now surfacing from the attack are too gory to watch. Abuja- Kaduna roads are death traps.

A few days ago, terrorists besieged the airport and literally took over, stopped planes that were taxing – and that wasn’t the first attack on the airport. Yesterday’s train bombardment is one of many just that this very attack seems to have been well planned and executed. Citizens can no longer travel by air, rail and road in Kaduna state.

By implication, everyone in Kaduna state is held hostage and freedom of movement now taken by terrorists who are now in charge. How we have not yet had resignations from top government officials on account of insecurity in the state beats me. I honestly think that it is high time Kaduna state is declared a war zone and state of emergency imposed.

Very Reverend Fr. Williams Kaura Abba, is a Kaduna State born Catholic Priest.

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