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Very Reverend Father Christian Ihedoro (CMF) was amongst the two earliest formators who believed that I was cut out to be a Catholic Priest soon after i had finished my high school in Kafanchan in 1987. One of these phenomenal formators came as far as Kafanchan from Owerri to woo some of us who were also applying to other religious communities including the Augustinians. These two had great vision and expectations that i will make a good Pastor in God’s vineyard but as time proceeded i became convinced that my vocation is not within the Priesthood. And so one thing led to another that made me to exit the Priestly pursuit.

FR. Ihedoro treated us like his Children and always available to counsel us whenever necessary. The style of training he and his lieutenants established was devoid of the usual tensed atmosphere amongst the seminarians. The seminary under him was more like a vacation institution because of the fantastic meals that were served generously even as Students were encouraged to discuss their internal issues and seek clarification from the Superiors. There was no master-servant relationship although academically the Claretians have some of the toughest mechanisms for evaluating scholars. Passing through them was certainly not a tea party. You ‘ve got to READ, READ, READ until you have almost become a professional READER. It was tough academically.

When i left the Major Seminary he was amongst my Spiritual teachers that i missed so strongly. I was actually hoping to visit the Claretians this year to pay him homage. But God in His infinite wisdom has just called him to rest in the bosom of God.

Very Rev. Fr. Ihedoro (CMF) a genuine Man of God who was full of smiles and pure friendship. He was humble, knowledgeable and holy. No wonder he lived to a very ripe age of way beyond 90’s.

Fr. Christian Ihedoro, we will miss you but God loves you more. I believe that as a living saint as you then were, God will reward your missionary zeal, your compassion for the work of God; your kindness, and your relentless efforts to spread the Gospel by raising up highly cerebral workers in the Vineyard of God. The Angels will be delighted to have you in their company now. Adieu Sir! My Iconic Reverend Gentleman and a Legendary Cleric.


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