Taaoma Speaks On Alleged Rivalry With Maraji

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Internet sensation and comedienne Taaooma was recently a guest on Channels TV “Rubbin’ Minds” where she spoke about the alleged rivalry between her and fellow comedy skit maker, Maraji.

In her chat with host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Taaooma cleared the air about the ongoing debate about who is the better skit maker of the duo.

According to her, just because she (Taaooma) came into the spotlight does not mean that Maraji who has been around a while longer is no more doing well.

Taaooma further went on to add that everyone is unique in their own way and she usually has to stop herself from responding to internet comments because she knows that it may generate a backlash.


When asked by Ebuka if she will be willing to work with Maraji, Taaooma was quick to affirm that she is indeed open to a collaboration with her perceived rival.

Ebuka pressed further by asking if Taaooma will reach out to Maraji for collaboration and Taoma disclosed that she once had a chat with Maraji but didn’t feel like she got the chance to get close to her.

Taaooma is famed for her use of her experiences with her African mum to form the crux of her videos. She plays the role of the said mum and many of her viewers often agree that they can relate to her skits

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