After the news of Siasia’s ban broke the internal few hours ago,  an information from a reliable source indicate that there was no fair hearing before FIFA decided to ban Siasia.  This is a high level of tyranny if this is true.

According to a facebook post by Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko which says;

” I sat awhile ago with Samson Siasia’s brother when the news of the brother’s life ban broke and they spoke. Samson Siasia told his brother pointblank that FIFA never invited him to appear before the arbitration panel and that he is as shocked as his brother was to read the BREAKING NEWS.

The man’s head was shaved in his absence by FIFA.

FIFA officials act like occupants of a dangerous CAVE WHEREBY ONLY THE LAWS OF MAFIA OPERATE.

How do you ban a person without FAIR HEARING and the next thing is to pour it out in the media and the media rushes to press even without making effort to reach this guy for his own side of the story?

FIFA why?”

More details later….

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