SHOCKING: Leaked Tape Shows APC Plot Election “War” With Hoodlums In A’Ibom

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A leaked audio tape revealed some All Progressives Congress [APC] personnels in Akwa Ibom plotting with bandits to attack and disrupt the governorship/House of Assembly elections in the state.

The bandits in the tape were heard saying that they will storm the designated areas on Army uniforms.

The arrangement was that the bandits will operate with 20 Hilux Pick-Ups which will be occupied by 4 persons each bringing the total number to 80.

One of the bandits, who was heard in the tape, was identified as “General Ben”.

The men were also heard talking of setting the office of the Independent National Electoral Commission [INEC] on fire and blowing up the car of the INEC chief in the designated area.

The discussion ended with the “oga” pledging to pay them 25 million Naira with 15 million Naira paid “up front”.


LEAKED: Tape shows APC Plot with hoodlums to attack polling units in Akwa Ibom

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