Gender equality is all about having equal access to opportunities irrespective of the gender involved.
All genders are free to pursue whatever career, lifestyle, choice and abilities they want without discrimination.

We laid emphasis more on career choice, decision making and in politics..
A woman can take up any career so far she is passionate about it.
Advancing gender equality will have a significant positive impact on the world. Some of the benefits include: Better economy, Better Business and Reduced poverty in the society..

What Does Gender Equality Looks like: The Few Outcomes;

-More girls would be educated. Lack of education is one of the most significant result of gender inequality.. If girls were given the same priority as boys, more girls would be school. This would set them up for better job opportunities and income in future..
-More women would be in the workplace and Leadership: Currently, women are not as represented as men in the workplace, especially in leadership. If barriers to their success were removed, the would be better represented.
-Families would be stronger: Men are negatively affected by gender inequality. This is especially clear when it comes to paid family leave. Because women are considered the primary caregivers for children, men are often unable to get time off. This is also true when it comes to caring for older family members. If both men and women were able to take time off for family, without discrimination based gender, it would strengthen families.
-More women would participate in politics: Most political systems are still based in favour of men. If gender equality was realized, the world would see a lot of more women engaged in political process. This includes political leadership.

How Can We Make Gender Equality A Reality: There are three (3) essential actions.
3.Legislative Support.


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