School bully: Chrisland Schools replies Mercy Johnson

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Chrisland Schools has broken its silence after Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson Okojie accused one of its teachers of “constantly” bullying her daughter Purity.

The School said it was being cautious and won’t rush forward with “half-truths” but would take its time to investigate and hear from all parties involved and thereafter communicate to the public after satisfactorily knowing the true position of things.

Mercy Johnson, 37, had claimed that the unnamed teacher transferred her hate for her to the 8-year-old kid. She claimed the teacher told Purity that celebrity kids are “badly behaved” and that the child should “stop feeling proud”.

“I do not honestly care if someone does not like me, I do not expect everyone to, but to take your hate out on my child?” Mercy said it was “unacceptable”.

The said teacher didn’t comment but a certain woman who later apologised for having been “misinformed” had accused the Nollywood star of telling lies.

“Mercy Johnson you embarrassed yourself and image today and action will definitely be taken against you,” the woman, Identified as Nancy Chidera, had said on Instagram. “You would keep taking your children from one school to another because you can’t control your nonsense attitude.”

However, a few hours after the claims, Nancy Chidera backtracked, saying she had made hasty conclusions.

“I’m very sorry for whatever issues I may have caused her family and whatever trauma I may have caused them through at the end of today, I really hope she finds it in her heart to forgive me,” she said referring to Mercy.

The woman added: “I’ve been receiving several death threats in the past hours and it’s disturbing to me, so I came here to apologise to everyone.”

Meanwhile, Chrisland Schools in a statement on Saturday issued by a member of the Advisory Board said:

“We are not unaware of the development at one of our schools which led to a social media incidence involving one of our pupils’ parents.

“In other not to jump in the fray or rush to the media with half-truths which may be unjust to all concerned, we are working on every available information at our disposal to investigate what actually took place to enable us to establish the veracity of each claim and true state of things.

“This, we have swiftly embarked upon by deploying our well-tested processes to engage with each and everyone concerned, both within our internal and connected relationships.

“In the meantime, safeguarding the rights, dignity, creative capacity and sense of esteem of every child under our care, remain irrevocably entrenched at the core of our corporate ethos, even as we always keep our doors open to embrace constructive feedback from the concerned public and especially our stakeholders.

“We will communicate further with the public, once we have satisfactorily ascertained the true position of things. Permit us to express our profound gratitude to the media and all our stakeholders, for not just taking interest in this matter but for also seeking to establish balanced perspectives.”

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