REVEALED: Police lied, no ESN member was killed in Imo enforcing sit-at-home

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Victim was petty thief the police refused to rescue from an irate mob

It has been revealed that the Imo State Commissioner of Police, Mr Rabiu Hussaini lied with respects to his statement over a suspected member of the Eastern Security Network (ESN) lynched on Monday while, according to Hussaini, trying to enforce the sit-at-home order imposed by members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). gathered that the Police Commissioner deviously made the claim following their failure to rescue the victim, a petty thief, from an irate mob.

The medium reported on September 22, 2021, that an irate mob lynched a suspected member of ESN while trying to enforce a sit-at-home orderalongside his gang members.

Police Commissioner Hussaini disclosed this a press statement signed by the Command’s spokesman, CSP Mike Abattam.

According to Abattam, the residents of Umuagbavo Oru Ahiara in Ahiazu Mbaise Local Government Area of Imo came out of their houses and were going about their lawful businesses.

Suddenly, one Obinwanne Iwu, 34 years, a native of Ahiara in the same local government area who is an escapee of Imo Correctional Centre, Owerri, went to the market with his gang trying to enforce a sit-at-home order of the proscribed IPOB/ESN terror group.

In the process, the suspect was mercilessly beaten to death before the police patrol team arrived at the scene.

Our medium was, however, contacted by a resident of the said village, who disclosed that the police officials lied over the matter.

The villager volunteered the name and phone number of the victim’s father and urged us to call and find out the true story.

Speaking to correspondent, he provided photos and video of the incident and said:

“The man said the victim was killed in his presence, he was there. He begged them to take the boy to the police.

“His cousin Onyewuchi Iwu was part of those that killed him. Onyewuchi was the one tieing his hands in that video.

“I was surprised when police that refused to move claimed the boy is IPOB, nothing like that.

“The boy stole those little things at Afor Oru and he was beaten from there to his village Umuagbavu in Umuokrika, all in Ahiazu Mbaise.

Stolen items including bread, biscuits, toothbrush, batteries and copper wires

“At Umuagbavu in front of his father, he was murdered. The little bag there contains the alleged things he stole.

“How can we have a Commissioner of Police who cannot give account of the individuals in the state.

“How can the commissioner of Police encourage mob action and claim the boy was IPOB leader.

“How can we have a governor in Imo State and until now proper investigation was not instituted.

“If Boko Haram and Bandits are being rehabilitated, why will they kill Obiwanne?” he asked. reached out to the victim’s father, Mr. Bob Iwu who corroborated the story of the villager.

He said: “What concerned my son… my son was killed right in my presence with tears and there was no link between my dead son and IPOB (Indigenous People of Biafra) or ESN (Eastern Security Network).

“Just that some men saw my son during a late hour and stopped him and found copper wires with him. They dragged him from Afor Ugbe to Afor Oru Market.

“Getting to Afor Oru Market around 4 O’clock in the morning, they held him there till 6 O’clock in the morning.

“They came to my house and asked me to come to Afor Oru and I asked: what am I coming to do at Afor Oru? They insisted that I should come to Afor Oru and find out whether the person they are holding there is my son or not.

“They said they caught him at Afor Ugbe and dragged him to Afor Oru Market.

“At that junction they made him naked, tied him with rope, and they were telling me “come”, “come”. I asked “coming to where?” But they insisted there is a reason for the urgent call.

“I told them that with the situation of this country now, I’m uncomfortable with the summon. How could they come so early in the morning and calling me? They said there were two arrested persons and that one is my son and I told them I don’t know if it’s all about my son.

“In the long run I followed them and on getting there it was actually my son. They showed me some items including bread, biscuits and the copper wire. I felt that it is a simple matter.

“One of the persons there was a Local Government personnel, or PG or so. I understood that the displayed items were an exhibit and I sought the way out with them. Others standing by also concurred with me. Someone there called the DPO and he told them to take him to the Area Command.

“I asked them that we should get transportation to the Area Command, when we get there we know which way forward. I also said we should find out the accomplices because if one steals and no one buys he will stop stealing.

“That day was a Monday sit-at-home so no transportation was available. Two persons there had vehicles and I asked how much they will charge to take us there but they declined. I continued to negotiate with them but much crowd kept gathering.

“Then they dragged my son and moved on. They left the market square and came to my residence and killed him in my presence with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart.

“He was killed in such a way as if he was an armed robber, meanwhile he was a petty thief.

“So my brother, anyone telling you he is IPOB or any other thing is a lie.”

Lynched Obinwanne Iwu

Our correspondent asked him: “Those who killed your son, who are they exactly? Were they vigilantes, or police, or ordinary irate mob?”

He replied: “No police came there from beginning to the end till I took away his corpse some hours later after it was abandoned along the road. But no police officers approached me.

“They people that killed him are mere hard-hearted villagers.

“During the onslaught, there was nothing we could do. They started beating him with all manner of stuffs they could lay hands on and breaking his head with stones. One of my kinsman tried to intervene but he was barely saved from their hands.

“That was how my son died a slow agonizing death.”

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