Reno Omokri Writes Garba Shehu

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Garba Shehu

Dear Garba Shehu,

If you have evidence that I have made money from Leah Sharibu’s ordeal, please expose it. You have access to the media. Alternatively, if any individual, church, foundation, government or country has given me even one kobo for Leah, please speak now, or forever remain silent.

Leah Sharibu’s father, Nathan, did a video denouncing your false allegation the last time you made this allegation last year. Rather than make money from Leah, I wrote a book about her, which inspired a BBC Documentary, and got the attention of the US government, and I donated all the proceeds to her parents, plus £4000.

I received an award in Hollywood for my altruistic sacrifice on behalf of Leah. And during the awards ceremony, broadcast worldwide, I also repeated this challenge to you government to@provide any evidence that I have benefited from #FreeLeahSharibu. Two years later, you are still making false allegations without evidence, like your failed agent, Natasha H Akpoti.

Having said that, the issue is not Leah Sharibu. The issue is that you said, and I quote “Buhari deserves credit for tackling insecurity”. If you really believe that, Garba, then I challenge you to go to Bama in Borno, for a weekend, alone, without security. And I will pay you $50,000.

But if even you believe my money is ‘blood money’, then do it because you believe “Buhari deserves credit for tackling insecurity”.

Garba, you and I used to write anti Buhari material between 2003-2005 when you were HE @AAtiku’s spokesman under a Peoples Democratic Government. Today, you are praising the man you once denounced.

#TableShaker #BuhariTormentor

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