Reno Omokri releases full audio clip of Amaechi criticising Buhari, Nigerians react

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Reno Omokri, former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan has released full audio clip of Amaechi criticising president Buhari.

If you recollect, an audio clip of Amaechi criticizing President Muhammadu Buhari had circulated days back.

The clip was however denied by the Presidency, which made Omokri threaten he would release the remaining parts, which he has just done. And according to him, there is still a remainder.

He wrote:

Yesterday, I set up the @NGRPresident. I knew if I released the full #AmaechiTapes, they’d say it was fake. Now that @ToluOgunlesi admitted it is actually Amaechi, but from 2014, here is the rest of Part 1 proving that @AsoRock lied. Part 2 is coming shortly. LISTEN and SHARE

Reno went further and tweeted that there is a part 2 of the audio.

He write:

Part 2 of #AmaechiTapes is even hotter! Hear what @ChibuikeAmaechi really thinks about @MBuhari ’s leadership and what he thinks will happen if Buhari continues as President. But some say I’m heating up the polity and should not release. Should I release? RETWEET yes. LIKE for no.

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