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Being a parent is a serious task that demands intentionality in raising godly children that will be a blessing to you and the world at large.

Children are so good in copying someones character either good or bad. Little wonder many children engage in immoral acts, lying, stealing and what have you, simply because they visualize it from somewhere while others are opposite of the aforementioned characters. Let’s be reminded that, Which ever character a child wears are dependent on parenting.

Parenting is not a duty of only the father or the mother but partners(husband and wife) must put their hands on desk to ensure their children are properly raised with good morals. As a parent, a child whom you neglect to give a good moral will in future be a turn on your flesh.

Dear parents,

  • Be mindful of the channels and movies your children watch.
  • Be mindful of the friends they keep for evil communication, corrupts good manners.
  • Be mindful of that opposite sex that is fund of your child.
  • Be mindful of that tip you give to them in monetary value.
  • Be mindful of places they visit and what they listen to.

Ps: The new superman comic comes out as bi-sexual. “Catch them young” is the statement both godly and demonic agents are serious about. A wise parent will teach and watch their children grow

Maryann Chinelo writes

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