Owner Of Calabar Kitchen Ordered by Police To Exhume Manager’s Secretly Buried Corpse

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Owner of the Calabar Kitchen has been ordered by police to exhume the corpse of her manager she allegedly buried without informing his wife.

Owner of the popular Calabar Kitchen and hotel located at Allen Avenue, Mrs Patricia Akpan, has been ordered by police operatives from the Lagos State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, Panti, Yaba, to exhume the corpse of his manager, Emmanuel Peter Udokang, who she allegedly buried without informing his wife and children.

Recall that The Eagle reports that the death of late Emmanuel on10th September 2021, sparked controversy as the manner of his death allegedly within the premises has left a lot of questions unanswered.

The wife stated that her husband died and she was not informed rather Mrs Akpan kept the corpse in the mortuary and later went to their village to bury him while she was still in Lagos with their children.

She is demanding that she would like to know the cause of his death ascertained through autopsy report hence the order by the Police to Mrs Akpan to go and bring the corpse back to Lagos from his village in Akwa Ibom State.

The late Emmanuel Udokang, who had been working with the company located on Allen Avenue, Ikeja Lagos, almost all his working life, reportedly died in their premises after receiving a yet to be identified female guest.

Following the circumstances of the death, Police detectives from the Homicide Department at Panti, Yaba, Lagos, have commenced an investigation and summoned the owner of Calabar Kitchen for questioning over the death.

The embattled widow stated that she dated the late Emmanuel for about three years before they eventually got married in 2004 and had been working with Calabar Kitchen before their eventual marriage.

On why she was suspecting foul play, she stated that the manner they hid the news from her initially and the unwillingness of the employers to actually find out or tell them what killed her husband gave rise to the suspicion that he may have died an unnatural death and wants to know the cause.

She stated that after he died, they seized his phone and bag and the corpse was hide inside his Toyota Camry but was later taken to General Hospital without informing her and the children whose eldest is 16 years.

She stated that when the incident happened, it was reported to the Police at Area F Command, Ikeja, Mrs. Patricia Akpan was not arrested before the matter was transferred to the SCID for further investigation.

She explained that it was at SCID that she was asked what she wanted and she told them that she wanted to know the cause of her husband’s death hence the order to bring his corpse back to Lagos.

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