Onnoghen: Nigeria not a banana republic- Speaker Dogara

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Speaker of the House of Representatives Hon Yakubu Dogara, has called for caution in the charges filed against the Chief Justice of Nigeria Hon Justice Walter Onnoghen by the Federal Government.

In a statement issued Sunday, Hon Dogara said that while the House awaits further briefing from relevant agencies, nevertheless, it is important that due process is followed because Nigeria is a country govered by laws and not dictates of men.

He noted that the House  is not less zealous in the fight against corruption  but said to commence a matter of that grave magnitude with a media trial is pregnant with innuendos least needed by the polity at this sensitive time.

The Speaker asserts that  Nigeria is a country governed by laws with clearly spelt out procedures and processes for their activation and not the dictates of men. It is important that people in authority should excercise power with decorum and not plunge the nation to needless crises as Nigeria is not a banana republic.

“This is a matter that affects another arm of government and its head which should be treated with caution so as not to send the wrong signal that there is a political undertone or other ulterior motives to the issue”.

“As we raised our voice when the National Assembly was invaded by hooded security men last year, it is incumbent on us as the legislature to voice our concerns because we operate under system where three arms of government are co – equal branches and enjoy a measure of independence guaranteed by the Constitution.”

“As we approach the general elections, it is incumbent on the prosecutorial authorities to exercise caution and treat matters of this nature with utmost circumspection.”

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