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Aba, the commercial nerve centre of Abia State and virtually South East of Nigeria is in the news for the dismall tales of woes and misfortune of house owners with genuine certificates of occupancy in the upscale commercial district of Ariaria following the wee hours’ demolition of these properties by a combined forces of Army, Mobile Poluce and Abia state officials who undertook the illegal demolitions without any forms of consultations with the lawful owners. 

TNIN’s reporter in Abia State Grace Cliff Obilor EbubeChukwu reports that for sometime,  the demolition team of Abia state government has continued their work which has been going on in different locations in Abia State, and most people have lost their property as a result of this work which the government is aware of.

In the early hours of 17th November 2019, an eye witness wrote that some buildings were demolished at about 2am according to him, he stated that Abia state government, demolished their property at number  2 Alozie street by Enugu express way Enyimba, entrance to ariaria international market, Micro plaza, Aba, stating that they surrounded the property with Military troops and the Police forces. He went ahead to say that this  property has complete certified documents. 

The owners of this property are still in shock as to how the government will do such thing in that manner in their absence without giving them proper information. A resident who spoke with our reporter on the condition of anonymity lamented the hardship that has been inflicted on them with most of them now rendered homeless and in absolute destitution. “Is this how PDP will reward our votes?”, he lamented

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