Nwoko harps on counter Malaria measures

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On Wednesday the 18th of December 2019, the Prince Ned Nwoko Foundation held its first world press conference to address the complete eradication of malaria in Nigeria. Speaking at the Wells Carlton Hotel in Abuja, Prince Nwoko spoke passionately about the need for Nigeria to align herself with eradicating malaria in order to achieve the one of the UN’S Sustainable goals for good global health.

Nwoko spoke of how counter malaria treatments and solutions must be handled locally in order to ensure Nigeria sustainably becomes healthier as a nation. Nwoko cited neighboring countries such as Morocco, Jordan and Kuwait who are all malaria free despite reporting malaria cases just a few years ago.

“Most malaria drugs are produced by Europeans and Americans and most of the long term effects of malaria medication is unknown. Malaria is not child’s play; it is everybody’s problem and must be handled by us at home”.

Prince Ned Nwoko

In this mindset, the Prince also stated that the Nwoko Foundation will be setting up endowment funds across five various African universities and will be granting $150,000 to serious-minded, science based research fellows to aid malaria eradication research.

Furthermore, Nwoko has called for Nigeria’s environmental clean-up and a simultaneous once-a-year fumigation process in all Nigerian households in order to eradicate malaria. This would involve mobilizing grassroots ambassadors that are stakeholders in the community. The foundation has stated that pilot programs will be launched in one state in order to be replicated in several other states.

Nwoko emphasized that Nigeria must tackle this health issue in an organized and concurrent way, which is doable and called on the press and citizens to support the eradication initiative.

Alexandra Gekpe and Queen Onwughalu

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