No Career should be taken for granted


By Fidel Elizchrist Ujunwa 

Often times, parents prefer to choose careers for their children by which is very wrong and unadvisable.

I know of a man who has four children, three of his children did professional courses, but one of them that did a course he calls ordinary even got a better job more than the other three. Most time, the man tells the daughter that the course she studied is a waste of time and that he shouldn’t have allowed her to study it. But the said daughter got the best job with a very high salary more than the other siblings who studied professional courses. My point is that no career should be regarded as insignificant.

Career can be referred to as the progress and actions taken by a person throughout a lifetime especially those related to that person’s occupation. Career comprises jobs held, titles earned, and work accomplished over a long period of time, rather than just referring to one position.
We have professional courses and non-professional courses.

Professional courses include:

1. Engineering
3. Medicine

Law and medicine are traditionally considered to be the most elite of them.
Each career has its roles, functions advantage, likewise its own disadvantages. Without the appropriate function of any of the careers, society’s duties won’t be balanced.

We have skilled, unskilled, and semi-skilled jobs. Though most of these semi-skilled jobs are now been studied in school like Tailoring (fashion designer), hairstylist e.t.c.

1. A skilled worker is any worker who has special skills, training, knowledge, and ability in their work. A skilled worker may have attended a college, university, or technical school, or they may have learned their skill on the job. Examples of skilled labour include Engineers, physicians, accountants, plumbers, craftsmen.

2. An unskilled worker is an employee who does not use reasoning or intellectual abilities in their line of work. These workers are typically found in a position that involves manual labor such as packages, apprentice, or farm workers.

3. Semi-Skilled Work: It requires paying attention to detail or protecting against risk but it doesn’t include complex job duties. Semi-skilled work doesn’t require you to have advanced training or education and typically takes between 3 – 6 months to fully learn a semi-skilled job. Example of the semi-skilled job includes; retail sells person, taxi driver, furniture maker, file clerk, fisherman.

Similarities between skilled work and semi
skilled work is that they are both learned while the difference is that in skilled work the learning duration is lengthy while a semi-skilled takes a less duration.

The type of career one adopts or goes for should not be the main problem, but instead, youngsters should consider career success. Career success comes when one achieve inner satisfaction through the continuing realization of the following:

-Your deepest and most cherished life values in every major endeavor ( i.e home, work, school, and leisure).

-Your opportunity and inspiration to use and develop current and desired skills.

-Your excitement about past, current, and future achievement.

Some parents compel their child to go for a particular course especially professional courses like Medicine, Nursing, Law e.t.c. They believe other courses are irrelevant. Most times, these are as a result of the country, like those that take teaching as a profession are not well paid.

In Nigeria, teachers are not considered highly or given due respect unlike in order countries where teachers are well paid.
Some parents want their children to take over them or to take over their family business, especially those that own a hospital which makes them compel their child into becoming a medical practitioner or studying courses against the child’s will.

I have seen a scenario whereby a boy dropped his certificate for his parents after studying law. When he was asked the reason, he said that he studied law for his parents. And that he wants to study theatre art and become an actor.

Most people view some discipline as irrelevant or not being important in a society and this is very wrong. 80% of parents or guardians will frown at their child who wants to become a musician or an artist because they see those that take up the career as riffraff or low lives. They do not consider their children’s passion, choice, and life itself and what makes them happy. Instead, they want to answer the mother of a doctor, a lawyer, because of selfish reasons which include influence, popularity, and name.

Youngsters should go for a career they have passion for and one within their capability. This is the reason the educational curriculum allows everyone to study both the art and science subjects in Senior secondary school grade 1 so that they will be placed according to their abilities.

To schools especially secondary schools, there should be a Guidance Counsellor who will guide the students on the right career choice to make by accessing them and testing their ability and capability.
They should also organize a career day for the student even in the junior secondary schools so as to sensitize them on the roles of each career they choose.

Parents/guardians should allow their wards to choose their careers themselves because it is their life. It might affect the children in the future if they do not make these choices themselves. They should not compel their child to study a particular course instead they should monitor them closely, know the course they have passion for and encourage them.

To Government, they should provide employment opportunities for all the disciplines.

To youngsters, they should ask questions on career choice in case they are confused so as to gain clarity. They should not choose a particular course because their friends want to study the same course rather they should study a course they are passionate about and also capable of studying so as to be productive in society.

Choose a career wisely today for a better tomorrow!

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