Nigerian soldier publicly proposes to beautiful police woman

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A Nigerian soldier has swooned the hearts of many with a very romantic deed which he performed recently.

He took to proposing to his sweetheart. And with his very heartfelt proposal, he has shown that even men as tough as military officers can be swept away by love.

The man who took to kneeling down publicly and expressing his love for his bae. Then he brought a ring and popped the question she must have been dying to hear. But the beautiful part of it all was that his bae was no ordinary one; she was a police officer of the law.

In essence, the duo were nearly in the same line of service. That they could have such a relationship that could blossom into an engagement is a surprise to many. So, to surprise his ‘police bae’, the said soldier went to her police station supposedly located in Ogui Road. He asked her to marry him, she said yes and they advanced towards kissing each other.

This public proposal that was nothing short of romantic has created a general chill amongst Nigerians. It felt great that a soldier and a police woman could bond in such way.

In fact, those who were present when the proposal was being done could not keep from howling and making noises.

Indeed, they felt every bit of the love that the soldier was doling out.

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