“My wife was killed by her Ben 10”

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A man took to Facebook to tell a heartbreaking story of his dead wife. He said his wife was having an affair with a Ben 10 who stabbed her to death. This is his story;

“My Wife and I were married for 3 years with two kids. I bought her a house in our home town and I was working in the city, so I used to visit every weekend. One weekend my kids told me about their ” uncle” who always visits when I’m not around. When I asked my wife she denied everything. It is painful starting a year like this, I am in pain. I got a call from the police telling me that my wife was found dead in a car in another village. I don’t know what to do or what to tell my children.”

“I am about to bury her this weekend and I’m planning on taking my kids to live with me after the funeral. I also found out that the money I was sending her, she has been supporting her lover. My kids are still young and it breaks my heart that they are going to grow up without a mother. After burying her this weekend I will deal with her Ben 10 and I’m going to take my kids for counselling. Please married women respect your families” he said.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/101837117923968/posts/644189607022047/?app=fbl

Source: https://m.facebook.com/BotswanaCelebrityMagazine

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