Most men think I’m too expensive to handle –Chichi Neblett

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Ghana–based Liberian actress, Veronica Chi Chi Neblett, is now single and ready to mingle. This is coming after she jilted her lover a few months ago for being violent and excessively jealous.

In an encounter with Saturday Sun, the curvy actress said, “I broke up with my boyfriend on July 30, so I don’t have a man in my life at the moment. I left him because he was unnecessarily jealous. I know men can be jealous, but his was out of this world. I’ve never seen such before. I tried but couldn’t help it anymore, so I had to find my way out.”

Speaking further, Neblett lamented about the challenges she has encountered with men.
“Most men think I am too expensive to handle. Secondly, they feel every man wants an actress. But I was not single till July. So now, I am the latest single lady in town. And I am a very faithful lover.

Once I have a man who loves and cares about me, I don’t see the need to cheat. So, forgiving a cheating partner will be very difficult, I swear. I am mean when it comes to my man, cheating is a no-no!”

Source: Sun news

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