Mikel Arteta speaks after Arsenal’s 2-0 win over Manchester City


Arsenal boss, Mikel Arteta, has hailed his team’s commitment in their 2-0 win over Manchester United on Wednesday.

The former Manchester City assistant coach also thanked the club’s supporters for getting behind his players. It was the Spaniard’s first victory as a head coach.

Nicolas Pepe and Sokratis, both restored to the starting lineup, scored the goals in an impressive first half.

Arteta said he was impressed with the manner the Gunners dug in for a clean sheet despite tiring legs.

About the team’s performance, Arteta told BT Sport, “Yes, it was better, much better, the first half than the second. Everything we tried to do and planned to do against them worked really well.

“I think we had enough chances to put the game to bed much earlier. In the second half, we knew that physically we were going to drop.”

“At the moment we are not ready to maintain that level of intensity through 90 minutes but in this period, the commitment and the desire the boys are showing at the moment is terrific.”

On fans’ behaviour, he said, “Right from the start, I could feel it. When I went out there straight away I could feel a different atmosphere.

“Thank you so much to them because we really need them. These players are going to play so much better when they feel the support behind them, the energy. We have to entertain them here and hopefully we’ve given them something to be proud of today.”

He added, “This is my job, it’s why they brought me here, that’s what I’m trying to do. I try to help them as much as possible, to give them clear information, give them the right structure to feel comfortable so that they can make more good decisions on the pitch. They have to believe and they have to follow me and I’m so happy they’re doing that at the moment.

“The performances were getting better and better but we didn’t win the first two games. I was desperate for that. I was so pleased.”

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