Meat from Nkwo Orodo Abattoir Could Kill Imolites who patronize the Market.


After so many years, I had the opportunity to visit the popular Nkwo Orodo Market in Mbaitoli local government area of Imo state on the 29th of June 2020.

On getting to the market which still wears the same look as was 20 years ago, I was directed to the Nkwo Orodo Abattoir to meet with the person I was looking for. As I turned towards the direction of the abattoir I couldn’t help but pray to God to give Mbaitoli and by extension Imo state good leaders. I kept dodging and hopping over pools of water on the road till I got to the entrance of the abattoir.

If there’s anything more than nauseating, if there’s anything more than a refuse dumpsite, then use it to describe the Nkwo Orodo abattoir market. I was shocked to the bone marrow that a market that services Mbaitoli and its neighbours could have a pigsty as abattoir and the popular ‘mama put’ women were busy dishing out foods to their customers in such a dirty and nasty environment.

I do not blame the poor women. I blame the past and successive governments in Mbaitoli for failing to rise up to the demands of leadership. The condition of this abattoir shows the condition of the only major market in Mbaitoli land yet political leaders in Mbaitoli keep looking the other way as if they do not know Nkwo Orodo needs a state of emergency.

If something urgent is not done, I am afraid the Nkwo Orodo abattoir will be another Wuhan that will incubate a catastrophic disease for Mbaitoli in particular and Imo state in general.

From Emeto Austen Godstime.

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