‘Maradona took deadly drug for bipolar disorder’

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Diego Maradona had been prescribed a cocktail of drugs including antidepressants and antipsychotics used to treat bipolar disorder, according to reports.

The revelation comes after police in Argentina raided the home of the football legend’s doctor and launched an investigation into possible manslaughter following his death last Wednesday.

Maradona died of heart failure leading to a pulmonary edema, an accumulation of fluid in the tissue of the lungs.

Health experts have suggested the cocktail of drugs the 60-year-old was taking could have put stress on his heart.

On Sunday, and following damning statements given by Maradona’s daughters Dalma and Giannina about his medical care, police searched the home and private clinic of personal physician Leopoldo Luque.

Dr Luque has not been charged and has strongly denied any wrongdoing.

The medications Maradona was on reportedly included Quetiapine, used to treat mood disorders including depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder, and Gabapentin, used for nerve pain caused by illnesses such as diabetes but also for epilepsy.

Medics are also said to have detected dilated cardiomyopathy, a medical condition in which the heart muscle becomes weakened and enlarged and cannot pump enough blood to the rest of the body.

The other drugs Maradona was taking reportedly included Naltrexone, used to treat alcohol abuse; antidepressant Venlafaxine, sometimes used to treat panic attacks; Lurasidone, used to treat bipolar disorder; stomach protector Omeprazol; and a Vitamin B complex.

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