Mamman Daura’s daughter fires back at Aisha Buhari


Fatima Abdulmutallib, the daughter of President Muhammadu Buhari’s uncle, Mamman Daura has admitted that she took the viral-gone video of Nigeria’s First Lady, Aisha Buhari, shouting at them.

Mrs Abdulmutallib stated this during an interview with BBC Hausa Service on Monday morning. Stating the reason for taking the video, Mrs Abdulmutallib said “I only wanted to use it as evidence because she was just screaming and insulting us for reasons best known to her.”

According to her, nobody was going to believe them if they had narrated the story, or if anyone did, nobody would get the gravity of the story so she decided to take the video. She however said the video was not recent as she took it three years ago when they were packing out of Glass House, a building in the Presidential Villa.

Narrating the situation further, she said there was a part of the Villa called Glass House, where Mr Buhari asked Mamman Daura family to stay when he assumed office.

“What actually happened was that when Yusuf Buhari had an accident and was about returning home from Germany after medication, Mr Buhari told my dad that we should move to another building, still within the Villa, so Yusuf could use the place upon his return.”

“My parents were not even around as at then, so I called my sister so we could start packing their belongings to the other house allocated to them.” She said it was during that period, while packing their father’s belongings, that they heard some noises outside.

She further stated that she had only gone out to find out what the problem was because she was really scared. “On going out I found out that it was the first lady that was shouting that we must leave the house. “I don’t even know why she had to shout.”

Mr Daura’s daughter however said they had no sinister motive against the First Lady. She said there was no reason why they would lock the door for the First Lady if they knew she was going to come. “We didn’t even know she was coming. If she had said that earlier, the doors would have been left open for her,” Mrs Abdulmutallib said.

Responding to a question on her father’s being leader of a cabal that controls the president, and whether it was part of what led to the fight, she said the question should rather be directed to the First Lady. “My father and Buhari are relatives and had been mutual friends right from time. He’s just being there for the president and being loyal. My father is 80 and hardly talks. The president only seeks advices from him as an elder and there’s nothing more to it.”

She said stated that the cabal rumor hurts their family. “We definitely feel bad as his family anytime we hear such hearsay, but just like our father, we always put our trust in God. We are positive that the truth shall surface someday,” she stated. “Our family never had issues. If there was any, then it ensued after Mr Buhari assumed duty.”

Speaking on Mr Buhari’s marriage, she said we’ve heard a lot of rumors that my father, amongst many others has been on the forefront of getting the president married. “This is a lie,” she said adding that, “my father and Buhari are like Whitemen or rather monogamists.”

Source: News Digest

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