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The local government workers of abia state have showed their greviances over their unpaid salaries as they went on a peaceful protest on the 19th of August 2019.

TNIN confirmed from a reliable source that their salaries are due to be paid but the government have refused to pay them off.

Workers moved around with placards, chanting songs and telling everyone that cares to listen that they have not been paid for some months now.

Speaking with most of the workers in Umuahia North local Government, they are all in total agreement with their actions, saying that they have bills to pay and some other expenses and yet the government refused to pay them, they came out in mass to make sure their aim is not defeated, they refused to open their gates, they all stood outside and blocked the roads pleading and singing, the workers refused to be addressed by their chaiman and the HOD saying that they want immediate action to be taken before they can keep calm and open the gates.

The INFANT WELFARE SECTION OF UMUAHIA NORTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT was also affected as they locked and joined in the peaceful protest and they ended up inconvinecing mother who came with their babies for immunization.

Looking at these workers, all I see is a group of people who are determined to get what they want through a peaceful protest.

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