Leave Us Alone: Actress Ini Edo Tells Critics, Says Daughter’s Seed Donor Isn’t a Random Person, Fans React

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Nollywood actress Ini Edo has taken to her social media page to react to the criticism surrounding the birth of her daughter

The actress revealed that she did not use the reproductive cell of a random person to conceive her baby girl

Ini then told her critics to leave her and her baby girl alone while urging them to pay attention to the pressing issues in Nigeria

Ini Edo has addressed an important issue about her daughter’s birth especially in regards to the owner of the reproductive cell used in conceiving her.

According to the actress, the seed donor isn’t just a random person contrary to the opinion of a lot of people. However, Ini maintained that it doesn’t mean the person is not just a donor.

Having made the clarifications, the actress then told her critics to mind their businesses and focus on what is really important in the country.

Ini reiterated that her critics should leave her and her daughter alone.

It is not surprising to read Ini’s reaction to people’s comments about her daughter. Media earlier reported that a Ghanaian writer called Waterz Yidana criticised the actress’ decision to using a random seed donor.

According to him, Ini is creating future problems for her daughter who will grow up to ask questions about her father.

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Nigerians react

    “She doesn’t owe anyone an explanation on this matter.”


    “No need to explain…let whoever think whatever that’s their own headache.”


    “Stop explaining to people who don’t deserve an explanation!”


    “Even if it was….you owe nobady any explanation ma’am.”


    “Ini, you don’t owe anyone any explanation. Its very weird how Nigerians be all up in yo business. She don get pikin, free am. Woman do surrogate, wahala. She carry belle, wahala. She do CS born, wahala. She use epidural, wahala. LoL. Some of you opinionated trolls should face the actual front of your business.”


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