Kidnapper unknowingly boards car belonging to a man he kidnapped in the past and gets caught

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There is a popular saying that “the evil that men do lives with them, what goes around comes around. “

There was mild drama at a motor park located in Dange-shuni local government of sokoto state, as a driver reportedly identified the kidnapper who kidnapped him two months ago.

The suspect unknowingly boarded the car belonging to one of his kidnapped victims, with the hopes of traveling to kano. But the driver of the car that he boarded turned out to be the person that he and his crew kidnapped on the busy sokoto-kano highway two months ago.

According to daily trust online, the kidnapper unsuspectingly entered the car not knowing that the driver was one of his victims. The driver quickly recognized him, as the incident is still fresh in his memory.

The driver was smart enough not to raise any immediate alarm, instead, he quietly got down from the car and pretended as if he wanted to ease himself. As soon as he was out of sight of the kidnapper, he informed members of the local driver’s union who called the police.

The suspect was arrested by the police. He confessed to being a member of a kidnap syndicate which specializes in terrorizing passengers of the sokoto-kano road.

He had kidnapped the driver two months back, and his crew only released the driver after a ransom money was paid. He had no idea that the car he boarded belonged to someone he kidnapped in the past. He pleaded for mercy.

Photo above shows the suspect sitting in the front sit.

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