John Cena admits working with Jackie Chan was ‘one of the best experiences of his life’

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John Cena has admitted that it was ‘one of the best experiences of his life’ to work with Jackie Chan. The wrestler is co-starring alongside the martial arts icon in the upcoming action film Project X-Traction, which will be released later in the year, and John has revealed that it was ‘enlightening’ to work alongside him, and was ‘sold’ as soon as he saw his name attached to the project.

John Cena

‘He has taught me and helped me in more ways than he will ever know in one experience. Usually, I say I have to read a project to be riveted by it. That is one name where if it’s like, “Hey, Jackie wants to do this”, I’m sold. It’s that effective.’

And not only did the 42-year-old state that Jackie was ‘awesome to be around’, but he also hailed the 65-year-old as ‘once-in-a-generation’ and a ‘great physical storyteller’. Comparing his influence on film to that of silent movie stars Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, he continued: ‘You talk Keaton and Chaplin and Chan is in that conversation and his process is just… dude, I have goosebumps. It’s awesome and at his age; he defies age. He defies time. He is always creative.’

John added that he could ‘waste every minute’ constantly praising Jackie and talking about how great it is, as he believe he is ‘underappreciated’ in his home country of the United States. As well as starring alongside Jackie Chan, John will also be appearing in the upcoming Suicide Squad sequel – and he admits he was ‘blown away’ by the script. And this gives us very high hopes. ‘I was blown away. The first 10 pages (are) like a movie in itself. It’s really really special,’ he explained.

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