Jeff Bezos Regains Position As Richest Man In The World

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Jeff Bezos is back as the richest man in the world after Bill Gates briefly earned the title as reported by TMZ.

After the markets closed Friday, Forbes says Jeff is now worth $109.9 billion, moving him back ahead of Bill and his $105.8 billion net worth.
Briefly, before his Amazon stock increased, he was at number 2, looking up to Bill Gates. His drop in rank previously could be as a result of this year’s costly divorce with ex-wife MacKenzie, who took a huge chunk of his fortune.

MacKenzie’s net worth now stands at $32.7 billion, placing her among the top 20 in the world.

Jeff and MacKenzie split following what they called a trial separation, and Jeff is now seriously dating Lauren Sanchez.

Gates held the title for 24 years before losing to Bezos in 2018. He reclaimed it briefly this year and it is now back to Bezos when his Amazon stock bounced back.

Source: Guardian Life NG

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