Jaruma Reportedly Re-Arrested By Police, Detained In Abuja – Sources

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Report reaching TNIN now indicates that Jaruma the celebrity seller of products that enhance sex life is re-arrested and is cooling off in a police cell in connection with her recent outbursts against Billionaire politician Ned Nwoko soon after she left police detention facility last 48 hours.

She may be charged to court tomorrow in what may be a direct response to her recent diatribes against the Billionaire socialite. She had earlier accused the police of being bought over to oppress her and went on to make some insinuations considered damaging to the public standing of Prince Ned Nwoko who was a member of the Federal House of Representatives from 1999 to 2003 under the then ruling Peoples Democratic Party.

Our impeccable source said information about her re-arrest will be released to the media tomorrow.

From biographical entries of her online, Jaruma is allegedly a controversial figure in Nigeria. Almost in the news every week in Nigeria, Jaruma is undoubtedly one of Nigeria’s most controversial personalities. She is a therapist but not your everyday therapist – a sex therapist!

Jaruma’s approach has often been questioned and suspected. She is accused of being a witch who uses voodoo alongside the products she sells online. While her products cut across both genders, her focus and attention started with females; how to make their men love them and remain committed to them and how women can stay in charge of their men by taming their men with their body, through the use of her products.

Let’s look at the interesting personality of Jaruma, and every information we have been able to find.

Jaruma Biography
Hauwa Saidu Mohammed (born 26 October 1993) popularly known as Jaruma is a Nigerian sex therapist, entrepreneur and founder of Jaruma Empire Limited. She hails from Billiri LGA of Gombe State and is regarded as the most successful and highest-paid sex therapist in Nigeria.

Jaruma attended New Capital Nursery and Primary School in Asokoro, Abuja and Nigeria International College, Abuja. In 2007, she was admitted into Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria but left before the end of her program to study International Relations and Human Therapy in Istanbul Kultur University, Turkey. Jaruma is “honour belgisi” certified (highest CGPA overall), speaks four languages, has two bachelor degrees, double majors

From 2010 – 2016, Jaruma engaged in so many different businesses, in order to make headway in the business world; from selling pots, real estates, dresses, hair to starting a YouTube channel before she discovered the secret of Azanza Garckeana plant (silky kola).

On the 12th of May 2016, Jaruma made a video teaching Nigerians about the therapeutic advantages of Azanza Garckeana also known as snot apple, Mutohwe, African chewing gum, Gorontula, Tula Kolanut or Morojwa. The video was a huge success and the product has since then, it has become the most phenomenal discovery and highest gross selling product in Nigeria after massive patronage from clients all over Nigeria.

Upon recording success on YouTube, Jaruma registered her brand with the corporate affair commission (CAC) and went on to build her empire.

She studied and mastered silky kola with ‘lakanin ningi’ (SKMLN) for over three years before sending it out for free trials in the 36 states of Nigeria and finally releasing it to the general public on the 23rd of April 2017. In order to remain consistent and to ward off imitators, she released the ‘Goron Jaruma kill them all‘ (GJX), which she claimed was a hit. Jaruma is the brain behind the silky kola use in recent times.

Jaruma, beyond selling her products, encouraged women to test for ALL vaginal infections as well as pelvic cancer before using her products. Some women who had never tested for any vaginal infection or cancer all their lives had to do so because of Jaruma.

Believing she made a mistake when she started, by disclosing her ancient secret knowledge, she strictly warns against sharing any ancient knowledge one might have because the world will try to steal it and rebrand it as their own.

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