The International Youth Day started In 1999 when the General Assembly endorsed the recommendation made by the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth (Lisbon, 8-12 August 1998) that 12 August be declared International Youth Day.

The international youth day 2020 is a day to remind the youths of our engagements and the power we possess in the global, national and local levels in enriching the society and the places we come from.

Let me bring it down to the Nigerian Youths.

Dear Nigerian Youth, How do you represent Our Country?

Nigeria is a great country filled with many promising young people but on the contrary these young people are no longer doing what is expected of them, so many of them pay no or little attention to the things happening in our country, A large number of us are jobless and unemployed which has stopped us from standing up to our responsibilities as we should, most times our dreams are cut short in the process, sometimes we just give up, An Average Nigerian Youth is struggling to stand firm in this country.


I understand that things are not the way they are expected to be for an Average Nigerian Youth, I understand also that it is very tough in Nigeria but
Dear Nigerian youths, fraudulent activities are not the way forward, it does no good to the society, it brings insecurities and it breeds Corruption. It is time for the Nigerian Youth to focus on the right thing, we should engage ourselves in activities that will give us Peace and make us stand out.


It sounds like normal but it is not normal any longer, so many Nigerian Youths are running mad on the street today because of drugs, some of us are kept in the psychiatric centers, these people had dreams and ambitions, they had engagements, they could have made contributions when matters arises but all these things are cut short because of drugs. Dear Nigerian Youth, drug is not the way out of depression, drugs will not make things better, drugs will not take those problems away. Let our mind be sound, so that we can make sound decisions in the society.


It’s so sad to notice that many youths seems not to be interested when it comes to politics in this country, during the last presidential election in Nigeria, a good number of us boycotted the voting process because we had the feeling that their votes won’t count. Now the leaders are not doing well, how do we challenge them? It is even more painful to know that these old politicians use us to carry out their evil plans. dear Nigerian Youths,
For how long shall we continue to be used?
For how long shall we continue to act like politics is not our business?
For how long shall we continue to pay less attention to our leaders?
Let us recreate the Picture of politics in our heads, and start contributing positively towards it.

Today is the International Youth Day, I want you as a Nigerian Youth to ask yourself what you have contributed Positively to this Nation, and remember there are more things to do in future, Make sure you don’t let your Guards down.

Happy International Youth Day.


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