Igbos Were Stopped From Voting Atiku In Lagos By APC Thugs

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Igbo strongholds in Lagos have been under serious attack by pro-All Progressives Congress [APC] thugs to stop them from voting their choice candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP].

According to eyewitnesses, voters in Agor palace way, Okota-Lagos are being chased by APC/OPC thugs saying it is an Igbo dominated area.

The thugs claimed that their vote is for PDP and they will not allow them to vote.

Another eyewitnesses stated that

“Okota is boiling.

“My sister in law just called to say that some thugs stormed their polling units and counted the total votes so far cast and counted 500 to Atiku and 10 votes for Buhari and the next thing was to set the ballot boxes ablaze with over 1000 people still waiting on queue to cast their votes.

“With all the sporadic gun shots, the police and the Army are nowhere to be seen.

“This is the handiwork of APC to disenfranchise all the PDP strongholds in Lagos State. This is so shameful.”

A video showing voters in Okota chanting “ Buhari, you must go! ” was  posted by IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on Twitter: he tagged the video as quoted below

Evidence abound attesting to the primitive savagery and violence in the ongoing ZOO 2019 elections.

Ironically, the Nigerian army are the ones doing the ballot box snatching, who shot at them?

Had we not lifted the boycott, they would have blamed IPOB for the mayhem.  Zoo!

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