I appreciated you with 4 senior portfolios: Buhari to Kaduna, Kano

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Buhari with the Emir of Zaria and Governor Nasir El-Rufai at the Emir’s palace in Zaria

President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday told the people of Kaduna and Kano that he had appreciated them with ”substantive positions” in his council for their massive votes during the 2019 presidential election.

He made the statement during his courtesy visit to Shehu Idris, Emir of Zazzau, at his palace in Zaria, Kaduna.

He said; “Before you push everything to me, I am just reminding you that I will do my best and I will make sure that the new cabinet is working for the good of Nigeria and Nigerians,” he said.

“Kaduna and Kano are the only two states I gave two substantive positions in my council. So, I have appreciated your votes and paid you back by giving you ministers of environment and finance.”

The president further urged all tiers of government to be aware of their responsibilities to the people, especially in tackling massive unemployment among youth in the state.

“I have been talking to the governor when we were driving, the young people, the population growth here is huge and those below 20 are the majority,” Buhari said.

“And they don’t seem to care how you make it, but they want the leadership to provide jobs, to provide security and all other things that are expected of government.

“A lot of them have not got the opportunity for further education, so let us study the constitution and see the responsibilities of three tiers of government.

The record states that Kano gave Buhari 1, 464,768 votes – the highest in the February 23 election, while Kaduna contributed 993, 445 votes.

Here is how President Muhammadu Buhari assigned 4 senior portfolios to Kaduna and Kano:

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