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The HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (HURIWA)  wants to immediately give social contract to the newly confirmed INDEPENDENT NATIONAL ELECTORAL COMMISSION (INEC ) CHAIRMAN, Professor Yakubu Mahmood. First we want him to work as a patriot and not a regional bigot and therefore put all his heart, mind and resources to work for Nigeria and not for Northern Nigeria as it was in 2019 because of posterity and most importantly his children. We want him to always reflect on this following words each time he enters his office-: “ what legacy will I bequeath to my children “

He should work like a man with a conscience and  fear of God .

This is because aside the current president, he as the chairman of INEC has the responsibility to make or mar Nigeria.  This is because the task of conducting election in a volatile  environment like Nigeria is challenging.

There are two things that may happen in 2023 Viz-:  A well conducted election acceptable to all stakeholders, peaceful, transparent, accountable, free and fair or international which is the devil’s option-:  the beginning of the end of Nigeria in which everybody shouts Nunc Dimittis ( it is over – to your tent oh Isreal) in that case each and everyone will answer his or her father’s name .

The first task for the brand new chairman- the old things have passed and the new dawn is here.  Firstly, mr chairman please  clean up the National voters  register because it is polluted , it is hijacked by the north in such a way that even a three year old is registered, even as the south is not left out but it is more notorious in the north. Nigerians don’t have to waste three hours just to be registered and another three or months to receive depending on the sound of your name just like the National coordinator of HURIWA could not receive his voters card in Abuja just because his name is Onwubiko and not Abdul or Yakubu or Nuhu.

These things happened under this same chairman in his last dispensation but now we are seeing him as a born again chairman so he should behave as one and say no to division and yes to one Nigeria.

Secondly, he should work with the National Assembly to get us clean electoral Act that will meet the taste of time and not the electoral Act that will be changed like a daily newspaper, everyday amendment and thereby costing the tax payers hugely.

Thirdly, the chairman needs to do in-house clean sweep to  remove all professional election riggers embedded in the INEC. He should stop the use of ASUU members to conduct elections because they are the world’s worst election riggers   .

INEC should make use of their staffs so they can easily be held responsible instead of the corrupt professors.   INEC needs to recruit better staffs and pay them well in order to deliver professionally.

Lastly, INEC must provide oversight duties to registered political parties in line with the Constitutional provisions of sections 225, 226 and 227 of the Nigerian constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria “225. – (1)Every political party shall, at such times and in such manner as the Independent National Electoral Commission may require, summit to the Independent National Electoral Commission and publish a statement of its assets and liabilities.

(2) Every political party shall summit to the Independent National Electoral Commission a detailed annual statement and analysis of its sources of funds and other assets together with a similar statement of its expenditure in such form as the Commission may require

(3) No political party shall –

a) Hold or possess any funds or other assets outside Nigeria; or

b) Be entitled to retain any funds or asset remitted or send to it from outside Nigeria.

(4) Any funds other assets remitted or sent to a political party  from outside Nigeria shall paid over or transferred to the Commission within twenty-one days of its receipt with such information as the Commission may require.

(5) The Commission shall have power to give directions political parties regarding the books or records financial transactions which they shall keep and, to examine all such books and records

(6) The powers conferred on the Commission under subsection

(4) Of this section may be exercised by it through any member of its staff or any person who is an auditor by profession, ad who is not a member of a political party.

226.-(1)  The Independent National Electoral Commission, shall in every year prepare and summit to the National Assembly a report on the accounts and balance sheet of every political party.

(2) It shall be the duty of the Commission, in preparing its report under this section, to carry out such investigations as will enable it to form an opinion as to whether proper books of accounts have not been kept by a political party, the commission shall so report.

(3) Every member of the Commission or its duly authorized agent shall-

a) Have a right of access at all times to the books and accounts and vouchers of all political parties; and

b) Be entitled to require from the officers of the political party such information and explanation as he thinks necessary for the performance of his duties under this constitution,

And if the member of the commission or such agent fails or is unable to obtain all the information and explanation which to the best of his knowledge and belief are necessary for the purposes of the investigation, the Commission shall state that fact in its report.

227. No association stall retain, organise, train or equip any person or group of persons for the purpose of enabling them to be employed for use or display of physical force or coercion in promoting any political objective or interest or in such manner as to arouse reasonable apprehension that they are organised and trained or equipped for that purpose”.  does not need portfolio caring parties but political parties that have structures not those that exist in the hand bag of the party chairman and we support a constitutional amendment that will trim down the number of political parties to four which is manageable.”




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