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The prominent Civil Rights Advocacy Group:- HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (HURIWA) has faulted the claims of the newly appointed Inspector General of Police USMAN Baba regarding the state of insecurity in the South East.

The Rights group said the Police Chief should reflect deeply and bring up solutions to the policing crisis facing Nigeria because according to it the major problem associated with insecurity is the Police as an institution in NIGERIA that has no regards for discipline and professionalism.

HURIWA which carpeted the President for displaying gross insensitivity to the Federal Character Principles on appointments to top Internal Security heads since coming to office, stated that what is playing out in most parts of Southern Nigeria is that millions of Nigerians feel that they are totally alienated and schemed out on all issues that border on National Security since none of their people serving in any of the segments of the armed security forces are good enough to head the police, Customs, Immigration, Civil Defence or correctional centers also known as Federal Prisons.

“Millions of citizens of Southern Nigeria have come to the conclusion that the government of President Muhammadu Buhari has no confidence or trust in them to contribute towards internal security matters and so some of the actions and counter actions may be related to civil disobedience. Those who are beneficiaries of the rotten status quo like the Inspector General of Police should stop talking like new emperors but should embark on genuine Consultations with different interest groups in the Southern part of Nigeria to bring them on board and to reassure them that their lands are not under Military or Police occupation”.

“The inspector General of Police must be ready to work out constructive partnership with genuine civil society stakeholders so as to reassure millions of Southerners that there is no deliberate agenda to occupy their places”.

The major crisis that the new IGP has to face is the Police and not the South East of Nigeria.

The situation is much more grave within the institution of the Nigeria Police Force and so the new head of Nigeria Police should embark on thorough Internal Clean up and restore discipline and professionalism.

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