HURIWA Asks Governor Zulum To Open Farm Settlements In Sambisa Forests For His 35,000 Boko Haram, ISWAP Terrorists Who Surrendered

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Prominent Civil rights advocacy group- HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (HURIWA) has once more lambasted the governor of Borno State Babagana Zulum over his addiction for pampering the so-called repentant Islamic terror gangsters in Borno State rather than concentrate on delivering social justice for the victims of terrorism.

HURIWA said the constant focus in the media on the promotion of the economic and social affairs of terrorists by the administration of Babagana Zulum rather than focus on amelioration of the pains of the victims of terrorism makes Borno State appear like a STATE OF NATURE whereby MIGHT IS RIGHT.

HURIWA is therefore proposing that the Borno State government constructs a semi Prison facility at the Sambisa forests which would be used as farm settlement for the repentant terrorists who are now surrendering to the Borno State governor just as the Rights group warned against the resettlement and reintegration of terrorists together with their victims who are yet to receive any form of justice from the State.

HURIWA expressed shock and consternation that the Borno State governor is consistently championing and advocating amnesty for terrorists who are responsible for some of the worst kinds of atrocities including the genocidal killings of Christians, destruction of hundreds of thousands of Churches set up by the native Indigenous Christians and the persistent attacks and killings of moderate Moslems including the massive sexual violence unleashed on thousands of school girls of both faith groups of different ethnicities in Borno State.

“That this governor who is often identified as a Professor is not sufficiently informed enough to know that the government must pay more premium towards bringing justice to offenders, deliver closures and definitive social justice to the victims of terrorism and must be seen to be on the side of the victims of crimes rather than become the National poster boy for the advocacy of unmerited and illegal, unconstitutional amnesty for terrorists in a way that have now make a lot of analysts to begin to read meaning to such unnatural passion for protecting terrorists rather that delivering decisive justice to criminals and terrorists and make adequate restitution for the hundreds of thousands of the victims of terrorism including those whose dignity as Women and girls were viciously violated by those terrorists who were constantly addicted to sex enhancement aphrodisiacs of different varieties, is one of the emerging WONDERS OF THE WORLD.”

“So what happens to the kids who were produced by these girls who were raped by these so called repentant terrorists that this Borno State governor is championing an inordinate call for blanket amnesty?”

HURIWA recalled that Borno State Governor Mr. Babagana Zulum of had confirmed the reported mass surrender of over 35,000 insurgents.

The Governor, in a statement on Monday by his Senior Adviser on Communications and Strategy, Malam Isa Gusau, urged Christians and other citizens to pray and reflect on the key message of Easter. He said the message aligned with Borno government’s programme that welcomed the mass surrender of insurgents who are undergoing stringent security profiling, disarmament, demobilisation and safe reintegration.

HURIWA condemns this practice of pampering mass murderers even when there are still hundreds of female students from Chibok and many other rural backgrounds with a preponderance of Christians who are still sex hostages of the Islamic terrorist.

HURIWA wonders why the State government in Borno State is very much concerned about the promotion of the wellbeing and welfare of terrorists who have blood in their hands just as the hundreds of thousands of victims of terrorism are left to look after themselves without any form of restitution or Justice as if the essence of government is to protect criminals and outlaws in total neglect of the Constitutional obligations of care that the Borno State government owes to the law abiding people.

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