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They said, Youths of today are leaders of tomorrow ‘ Hence the need for the leaders to show the right path, leading and living by good example. Alh. Gani Saka Cook is an exemplary leader who has been leading and living to the society’s needs at the moment. Is a model for the youths to emulate in the areas of social developmental change.

This is an Honourable member representing the good people of Ilorin East/South Federal constituency in Abuja. Who has been working tirelessly to ensure that In the present age of innovation of science and technology, Youths nowadays, should be technologically informed and oriented to drive positive and social change in society? We’ve seen a man who’s driving us digitally with the empowerment of technological tools.

For instance, Few weeks ago, He empowered youths at his constituency with 100 HP brand new laptops and give them awesome cash to take home after a successful interesting and intensive Training camp on the areas of ICT. No lie. I’m part of the beneficiary. It’s not a gainsaying, we all know where the world is moving at? Digitally! Can we now see that we’ve seen a man who is a problem solver and youths focused?

It’s worthy of note that these beneficiaries of empowerment mentioned above were not politically selected nor motivated but were chosen based on normal standards.

Wake up to the yearning of the people of his constituency for rapid social changes ushering in an era of fulfillment of human desires, providing equality of opportunities and social sanity. Providing Rapid social changes for his constituency for greater enlightenment programs for the populace to pave way for better awareness and carry along all the members of his constituency. All these are reasons our honorable is having a restless sleep

They said, Poor governance at the federal, state, levels as well as parastatals have made an average Nigerian youth believe that since living in the era of decay, then he who cannot beat them should join them.

The point above is that providing equal opportunities for the citizenry so that none will accept the idle hours with resignation. This is the man who doesn’t give out money that would give you temporary fulfillment. But would employ you with empowerment benefits that would better your future.

I hereby declare you the status of this man in the picture who has been a man of valor, model of excellence and hope and symbol of kindness and emblem of intellectual honesty. And has been carrying out his constitutional responsibility since his assumption in the Parliament. Of course, life is a stopover, he has been challenged at the beginning of his tenure. I don’t know about his political vendetta. But, I believe this challenge has risen him to think and reason beyond representing people with mere promises but to come and stay with people of his constituents and perform his representative duties which he was elected for

10 empowerments powerful program and still counting.

Written by Babatunde Quodri.

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