Gregory Porter embraces fame as he details how famous hat gives him away every time

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Gregory Porter is totally ok with fame. In fact, the jazz crooner embraces it – not glossing over all it’s allowed him to do: travel, make money, and connect with a loyal fan base.

Even though his iconic cap means he’ll never go undetected again. The 48-year-old is back on the promo wagon again with the release of his latest song Revival and announcement of sixth studio album All Rise. But is he ready to be thrust back into the fame game and all its pitfalls again?

‘I take it the way that I see it, it’s an opportunity for me. I feel lucky,’ he tells during a whistlestop tour to the UK. ‘I wasn’t doing music before and now that I do and I get to travel around the world and sing to people on my terms, I sing when I want to sing.’

Known for his famous cap – which he’s explained in the past covers scars following surgery – it’s hard for Gregory to go around undetected.

But one time he was able to borrow a little alone time while on holiday. ‘The only time I didn’t get recognised I took off my hat to swim in the ocean in Ibiza and no one recognised me,’ he laughs. ‘I went back to my hotel and put my hat on…and there was Gregory Porter.

‘But it’s ok because people are trying to connect and take a picture and say thank you for some joy they had. I’m really ok with it and I always honour people and they honour me by coming to my concerts. I’m thankful.’

On his upcoming album, Gregory bares all as he opens up about his past, singing about an absent father and his emotions surrounding his childhood. Noting that while not everything he sings will be positive and uplifting, ‘even if it’s a difficult subject matter, I’m thinking of an optimistic way to speak about it’.
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