The government of Abia State have expressed great annoyance towards the people of Shoe Plaza of Ariaria Market Aba for vandalizing the fire service Vehicle and fighting its workers. The government locked up the entire plaza and instructed their leaders not to open it. These shops have been locked since the 10th of August, which is the day of the incident.

In our interactions with Shoe makers at the plaza. They seem almost helpless because nobody fights the government.

The first person told us that their shops have been locked up since Monday 10th August 2020 after the incident because of the annoyance they melted on the Fire service workers for arriving late to the Scene on the day of the fire incident, and they have accepted their punishment in good faith, they plead with the government to temper justice with mercy and open up for them because they have families who are dependent on them.

The second person we spoke to expressed great disappointment towards the government saying that there should be a fire service office very close to that market because the market is a big one and fire disaster can Come at any time.
He went ahead to say that this is a time for the government to come up with a plan of building a fire service at Ariaria International Market as it will be a good achievement for them instead of punishing the shoemakers who reacted as a result of how angry they were on the day of the fire incident.

So many other people spoke in line with the 2 persons, they pleaded with the government to consider their family members and open up their shops for them, they also requested that the government should think about building a fire service at Ariaria international market.

We all know that the individuals acted based on how angry they were on that day, but we plead with the State Government to look into what they have said and open up for them, they have learnt from their mistakes, and we believe that such thing will not happen again.


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