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Charge Leaders To Live Up To Expectations

Nigerians have been enjoined not to give up on the challenges confronting the nation but to think outside the box and restrategise on new approaches to survival.
Former member of the national assembly Dr Golu Timothy stated this in his 2021 independence statement of hope to Nigerians.

He called on the people not to despair and not to turn away from God and godliness because its just a matter of time for things to improve.

He called on the people to celebrate the nation’s 61st independence anniversary with gratitude to God for the miracles of survival amidst the storms and turbulence of life.

He said the country and the people have been through a lot of challenges of insecurity, poverty, unemployment, etc, and yet standing strong by the grace of God.
Golu commiserated with all families that have lost loved ones as a result of insecurity and economic diseases and call on leaders to develop the needed compassion towards the plight of the people.

According to him, all the leaders of the nation will give account of their stewardship before God, hence the urgent need for sober reflection to return to tract and do the right thing by providing good leadership.
“At 61, we must reflect deeply on where we are and how we have played politics with the lives of our people. Have we done well as leaders? Are we pleasing God Almighty the way we do leadership? Are we showing the needed compassion on those placed under our care? These and more, need urgent practical answers”.

Golu reechoed the statement that, ” the burning desire to build a nation where no one is oppressed and where opportunities abound for our people to reach the highest points of their creative and productive abilities should always be our dream.
We should take available opportunities to see that the problems and options for progress in our country are been resolved to overcome conflicts and divisions within and between our communities”.

He called on the leaders and the people to continue to work hard to contain the “enemies of democracy, agents of instability, and associates of undemocratic conducts”.
While praying for peace, unity, stability and prosperity of the people and nation, he urged for a complete overhaul of our old ways of life to give way to a strong spirit of patriotism, compassion,nationalism and the fear of God which are the basic ingredients needed for prosperity,growth and development.

He charge those providing democratic leadership at all levels to do well and work for the nation, saying its a matter of time for them to give way for others to render their services.

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